January 29, 2011

The Importance of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has burst to expose  businesses across the world, which had also lead to an expansion of business opportunities.

This exposure also helps secure new business opportunities and expands the reach and benefit of business.

The importance of Internet marketing is thriving in today’s digital world. The value of Internet marketing lies in its ability to generate traffic to the web.

For any business marketing on the internet is important because it raises a company’s visibility, and improves sales.  The service also applies to the marketing of charities, government organisations, and literally any item that needs to be promoted, do some more research and realize the importance of Internet marketing.

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December 9, 2010

Brand Marketing: Supermarket Brands Success

Top supermarkets have seen an increase in the strengh of their own brands, and are capitalising on attracting new consumers. Brand marketing gurus have been consulted, as the supermarket giants go head to head in the battle of quirks and quality .
Succeses like Tescos’s Finest,  Marks and Spencer Dine in for Two range, Sainsburys Taste the Difference , Co-Operative’s Truly Irresistible to name a few, have had profits increase through categorising their brands to make them competitive for core groups of people.

Brand Marketing to Shoppers: Private Brands


People define themselves by their purchases.  the stores know this so they rebrand their foods to appeal to shoppers and their purchases.

The private store brands () also help for value and price.